Disco bedroom ideas Disco fever hits house once more

Disco bedroom ideas The day disco formally died I used to be only 7, but no just one remembered to tell my buddies & me, who persisted to experience disco skating around my BFF's basement to Diana Ross, Donna Summer, and Lipps Inc. For a few years that followed. The unfinished living space had a Disco Machine (a stereo with flashing lighting fixtures on the bottom, a document participant and an eight-monitor deck), a glittering disco ball, and a large stack of K-Tel compilations & Bee Gees records. Looking around Homss, my center skips a beat when I see a place with a splash of Studio fifty four glitz.

Disco taste has been reinterpreted & nonetheless coarses via layout in many ways; here are a couple of rooms that may make you want to shake your groove factor. Add a splash of Studio 54 glitz with glowing tile, tables, lighting, & Diana Ross on the stereo.

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