Hardie planks Development alert: planked wooden ceilings

Hardie planks What is a ceiling? Is it simply a roof over our heads, to be able to talk? The answer to that question by way of designers is increasingly "no!" A ceiling in reality could be a fifth wall. And that opens up endless possibilities for attention-grabbing treatments. One of the ceiling layout treatments that is rising in popularity right now is the addition of wood planking. More than just the addition of beams, planked ceilings add visible texture and passion growing great focal issues in a living space.

So the following time you're redoing a room. Glance up & consider the addition of wooden to your ceiling. Hardie planks Rustic Family Room through Carl Vernlund Hardie planks To emphasize a striking vault similar to this one, tricky beams are introduced to a wooden panelled ceiling. Ideas Remodeling Guides,Ceilings,Materials,Wood Hardie planks Traditional Family Room by Frederick Frederick Architects Hardie planks Combining wooden panelling and coffering creates a visually dynamic ceiling treatment.

Ideas Remodeling Guides,Ceilings,Materials,Wood.

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